About Le Pain Français

Le Pain Français : Our Master Baker

From the moment he set foot in a bakery as an intern in Paris at the age of sixteen, Amar Chibane knew he wanted to be a baker. “ From the fisrt day I started, I knew that I will be a baker. I felt in love with bakery and fell so grateful that I found my way.”

After years of bakery training as an apprentice and becoming a French master baker, Amar’s enthusiasm for baking has only grown. In 2007, Amar founded his first bakery in London, since from he expended his expertise in Dubaï, Los Angeles and Paris. He specialty is the wholesale bakery. He supplies restaurants and hotels the highest quality artisan breads and pastries.

“Everything we do has no limits. We work very closely with the chefs to customize the breads for them “I really feel like I’m the baker in each one of those restaurants.” “We use simple, organic ingredients; sourdough process; wood fired ovens; and filtered water to remove impurities. Every single piece is shaped by hand.”

Amar Chibane

Boulangerie de Paris Ltd London and Los Angeles

Opening 1 September in Dubai

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