In my family we have been milling for several centuries. There were windmills and water mills that operated grinding wheels for the production of complete T150 whole grain flour or after sieving T80 flour. It was only after the discovery of the steam engine and the industrial revolution that the invention of modern cylinder mills made it possible to produce whiter flours T65 or T55.

It was then that in 1905, my great-great-grandfather installed in Versailles in a magnificent building of the 19th century a modern cylinder mill. The Mills of Versailles (plural because there are several cylinders for this type of mill) Incredible but true, this mill is still running in the heart of Versailles! The Moulins de Versailles, a human-sized company combining milling tradition and modernity, has been able to go through the times and constantly adapt. Just as Amar has always known that he will be a baker, I have always felt this kind of strong connection with my mill and the flour that I produce today. I always felt that I had to come back to continue this beautiful story and open a new chapter.

Training engineer, I leave my executive position in a large group in Normandy to come take up the challenge of the mill in the city.

This mill is a very small company that faces much bigger competitors. But this mill is unique because it is in town (10 minutes walk from the castle of Versailles), it is the mill with cylinder to human size (less than 10 employees) closest to Paris. It is still powered by a HOT in a place steeped in history. My last name CHAUDÉ would mean “grind” in Langue d’Oc.

There is something innovative about keeping an industry at this location and reinventing the local mill. Indeed, this mill is visible to everyone, it is the emblematic mill of Paris and its surroundings. We produce with love exceptional flour thinking about you and our environment. The wheats cultivated nearby in the best soils are selected with the greatest care allowing the elaboration of a flour out of the commun run. These flours are for the best professionals like Amar but you can also test them at home and come and serve you directly at the Mill! You will see that making good bread is a real science and a real know-how but it’s still easier when you have good flour! ”

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