MAISON FMF is a 60 years old activity that mainly concerns all the bakery’s universe. The story began in the late 50’s with the Llopis oven, that MAISON FMF sold worldwide, still nowadays. Then MAISON FMF has developped a complete offer around the baker’s and pastrer’s activities. equipments for mixing and preparing, positive and negative temperature cold chambers, freezing, ccoking, specials equipments are provided and installed by our own technicians.
MAISON FMF so has developped an internal cell dedicated to the shops, corners, … and all type of sales in shops.

Above all, the good reputation of MAISON FMF is due to our capacity to study, conceive and realize a complete project from A to Z: THE FULL SERVICES CONCEPT.

With a complete kow how as far as bakery and pastry is concerned, MAISON FMF is able to create a complete project.

With an integrated “conception & device office”, we do schemes, plans, estimate, planning, … in order to realize your own projet, worlwide.

FMF is distinguished by an approach that puts the customer at the heart of the project because each client is unique. And the project must be the most successful expression of the customer’s wishes.

The human dimension is therefore very important.
MAISON FMF, is managed by Olivier MOYET (CEO)   with 30 employees and 2 sites in the south west of France: Toulouse and Bordeaux


Where it all begins

A know-how, legacy of 5 generations of millers.
A deep knowledge of cereals ans wheats.
A customised service and a wide range of premium flours.

The product and the men

An original approach, to bring the essence of craftsmanship.
A know-how in receipe creation and range of products conception.
A real ability to team up, recruit, and manage teams of bakers.
The ability to teach and advise.
Establishing tools and methods of quality control.

Process and organization

A 60 years experience in making and selling bread-making products.
A dedicated team of 30 persons, dispatched on 2 locations, with half of them as technicians.
A design office for a total design of project, internally.
An expertise in design and organization of bakery laboratories.
A complete range of hardware for preparation, cool chain and cooking issues.
A true expertise in the conception and organization of stores.
A global full-services approach.

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